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The Song that Kept Getting Away-

I've been seeing Phish since 1996, several times a year.. In 1997 early in my phish going career, we toured across the country from Chicago all the way to an Epic 3 day Phsih only festival in Northern Maine. The second to last show was in New York, we thought about going to the show but only two outta the 6 of us could afford to go to that show.. So we decided to skip the show and head to Maine and spend an extra day up there, which was nice.. but at the show Ken Kasey and the Merry pranksters came out while Phish played Col. Forbin's Accent. Since then I've been chasing that song..

Eleven “Forbin” -> “Mockingbird” combos were performed in 1994 alone, but only nine were offered over the next fifteen years. The 9/30/00 version (captured on the Live in Vegas DVD) was all the more special because it hadn’t been performed in over two years and by far the longest show gap to date at 148.

The Colonel was AWOL for all of Phish 2.0, and the song was not performed for almost nine years until the surprising return on 8/14/09 in Hartford.

The most recent version of the combo came just nine shows later on 8/17/11. While again dispensing with the narration, this version was notable for being the first show-opening “Forbin’s” > “Mockingbird” combo since 11/3/89.



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