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I'm a true list lover!!! This started out as a list of 100 things to do when I'm bored. However, I went over as usual so I renamed my list and kept all of the items. Here's my Boredom Buster List of 103 things to do when I am bored! I will mark the items off as I complete them:


1. Read a book you already own or borrowed from the library or a friend

 2. Read the newspaper online or at the library

 3. Have a picnic in your backyard

 4. Go to the beach

 5. Volunteer

 6. Write in my journal

 7. Clean out my inbox(s)

 8. Clean out the fridge

 9. Do laundry

 10. Walk through the neighborhood and take pictures

 11. Go swimming duringfree swimming hour

 12. Walk through Wal-Mart

 13. Plant a garden

 14. Plant a tree

 15. Iron clothes to wear later

 16. Go through junk mail

 17. Spend an entire day outside

 18. Work on my blog

 19. Sort through your closet and donate all the clothes you never wear

 20. Sort through your bookshelves and donate all the books you’ve already read

 21. Have a garage sale

 22. Go to a flea market

 23. Go to an antique market

 24. Go to a farmer’s market

 25. Photograph your hometown

 26. Write letters

 27. Sit in the yard, sip on a nice beverage, and enjoy nature

 28. Bake cookies

 29. Play a game of basketball, kickball, or volleyball

 30. Go walking through a nature trail

 31. Go for a bike ride

 32. Go rollerblading or roller skating

 33. Meditate

 34. Do Tai Chi or Yoga

 35. Enter a free contest and/or sweepstakes

 36. Sign up for freebies online

 37. Make a scavenger hunt for the kids in the neighborhood (use things around the house as clues, and baking cookies as the prize will save more)

 38. Make snow cones for the kids

 39. Learn to juggle

 40. Break out the ice cream and set up a build your own sundae bar

 41. Do some crafts

 42. Work on my typing speed

 43. Work on my binders (household, vacation, coupon, and recipe)

 44. Go to a free museum or gallery

 45. Tell ghost stories around a campfire on a cold day or at night

 46. Work on my manifesto

 47. Work on my resume

 48. Turn on some music and dance, dance, dance

 49. Drawing

 50. Wash your car

 51. Have a water balloon fight

52. Work on my scrapbooks

 53. Make collages out of photos

 54. Watch YouTube videos

 55. Watch the sun set or rise

 56. Rake the lawn

 57. Mow the lawn

 58. Make YouTube videos

 59. Rearrange or redecorate a room in your house

 60. Climb a tree

 61. Go to an open house

 62. Make sure my travel journal is up to date w/ pictures

 63. Have a family game night

 64. Try a new recipe

 65. Create a to do list

 66. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

 67. Create a store on Etsy

 68. Make items to sell in my Etsy shop

 69. Draw, color, or paint

 70. Taste test a few recipes for my cookbook project

 71. Type recipes that have passed the taste test for my cookbook project

 72. Have a movie marathon using only movies you and your friends own

 73. Clean out my coupon stash

 74. Go to an author reading and/or signing

 75. Put a puzzle together

 76. Go to a town meeting

 77. Research your family tree

 78. Learn how to change the oil and tire on a car

 79. Register to vote 

 80. Get our passports

 81. Make a list of the places I want to travel to

 82. Blow bubbles

 83. Take a bubble bath

 84. Clean the house

 85. Cook a batch of meals to go in the freezer

 86. Go to a tree-lighting ceremony

 87. Start working on our time capsule

 88. Organize a cookie swap

 89. Search your own name on Google

 90. Delete myself from various sites.

 91. Sell and/or purchase something on E-Bay

 92. Exercise

 93. Look for shapes in the clouds

 94. Read the dictionary or an encyclopedia

 95. Learn the names of constellations

 96. Visit a local memorial or historic site

 97. See if an egg will really fry on the sidewalk on a hot summer day

 98. Eat at a restaurant I’ve never been to

 99. Go to the visitor’s center in my area

 100. Collect coupons from around the grocery store

 101. Surf the web

 102. Have a bake sale

 103. Bake cupcakes

 104. Bake a cake

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