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Get ready ladies and gentkemen, because this is an item on my bucket list which is heading towards the 'Thing's I've Done' list... Huzzah!Throughout my life, I've been a team worker. An individual who thrieves on working with others to produce the best results, be that in the working enviroment to social planning such as arranging package holidays, birthday events and nights out on the tiles!I'm not getting any younger, and I've been inspired by both the bloggers I follow on Twitter and the stories I've read on this website. As a result, I've decided to go solo travelling for 3 weeks to Australia with STA Travel & Gadventures.covering the South Coast.UPDATE:Big and important update. Yesterday I visited the STA Travel store in Kingston and have worked together with a fantastic member of their staff a price list/tour list of my trip to Oz. Starting in Cairnes, I'll be joining a 16 day tour with a number of solo travellers as we head from the Rainforrests at the top of the South Coast, down past Steve Irwin's zoo to the Great Barrier Reef (Surging and Parachuting - for my bucket list) before passing Brydon Beach and ending in the beautiful and mesmeric ciity of Sydney. Booking takes place on the 29th of this month, so updates will follow shortly! 

UPDATE:Just back from Australia. My 'Out Of Character' moment? Being the first in our tour group to volunteer to eat live green ants. Tasty!  

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