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This one wasn't so much a nessecity as an impulse purchase! 

If anyone has been stuck in a dead end job for a long period of time, you'll be able to share the feeling of a missing drive for live... (excuse the pun!). I was one of those unfortunate souls, working in retail - Not ideal but a decent bread earner for the younger version of myself going through college and university. 

If you've seen my completed list, you'll have seen that I overcame self harm. I suffer from depression which makes things twice as hard to cope with. (Link to Mind.org) Anyway, one day I returned from work in a dark place. So dark, so cold.. and I happened to visit Ebay.Oh Ebay, how you tease!I found a decommissioned hearse which stood out. Unfortunately mother wasn't impressed and used all the excuses under the sun to put me off. (Insurance, tax, parts). Suffice to say, it worked. Still in the mood for a car, I checked out a local garage. That's when I spotted Kadie - my convertable. It was love at first site. As soon as I entered that lott, I knew she was for me. Not long after we signed the papers and the rest is history.I must add that having the roof down in the summer is one of the most rewarding experiances. Nothing (yet!) beats the wind flowing through your hair. Highly reccommended!  

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