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My boyfriend tried to surprise me after WOD by asking me what my plans were late at night the Saturday night of the Lyrids meteor shower. I didn't know there was a meteor shower that night, but I figured he wanted to take me stargazing. He found out about the Lyrids shower because of MLP's Lyra's reference to it - LOL. There were SO. MANY. MOTHS. We were trying to decide whether or not we should try to go to the actual astronomy observartory, or just park somewhere and watch it. Due to my paranoia, we decided on the observatory, but got lost on the way and went too far East, then too far South and had to backpedal. When we finally found the place, we had both gotten really flustered, and since there were people there and I wanted a more private experience, we quarelled a bit because I suggested we should stay in the general area, but have our own private setting, but my bf was pretty clueless on reading my emotions. The entire time we quarelled, his headlights were shining directly on the stargazers already there. Finally, the astronomy professor knocked on his window - which scared the HELL out of me - and asked us if we were to stay, to turn off the vehicle because it "disrupted his experiments". We picked a spot away from what I took to be some students in astronomy, and laid out. It was a bit chilly - it was around 1am on Sunday, even though we had two blankets on on top of the sleeping bag. I was smart and wore an outdoorsy jacket. My bf didn't think that far ahead and was only in a shirt and jeans. I had to bundle up close to him in order for him to get decently warm. After cuddling and watching the sky for a little bit and seeing a couple meteors (there were only expected to be about 10 per hour), the astronomy professor snuck up on us and asked us if we would like to see Saturn. He felt bad for scaring me. We got to see Saturn on the massive ground telescope that was taller than me. It was so cool! Saw the rings and everything. Of course, Saturn was white in color, it wasn't THAT impressive of a telescope, but it was really nice. We had a nice chat with the Australian professor since he was curious on how we knew about the observatory if neither or us had taken astronomy class in the past and I said that I had been here before because of a few friends who did take his class. He was really nice, and we considered taking his class, but we realize it would've done nothing to our already full senior schedules. We saw a few more meteors, which had become more fervent in their apppearance.We decided to head home around 2am. After that, my bf spent the night. It was a good night, even after all the bickering. 

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