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Right now I'm tethered to a job I DEPISE because I get insurance through them. But how can I do all the things on my Bucketlist if I have to keep showing up at Caesars Palace night after night?!

I was diagnosed bipolar by a jackass psychiatrist (he diagnosed me after FIVE MINUTES of talking to me, because of my energetic nature and my insomnia). Because of this diagnosis, I have a pre-existing condition and have been rejected by multiple carriers. 

I did get a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with situational anxiety instead. Ya THINK?! My house is in foreclosure, my job wants to fire me, my dad committed suicide recently...sounds situational to me! I have PLENTY of reasons other than "bipolar" to have insomnia.

I need to dig in and engage in battle with my insurance carrier, and get them to remove the "bipolar" diagnosis. And then I need to find a carrier that will only cost around $200/month. Is that so much to ask?!

UPDATE 7/12!! Anthem Blue Cross finally deigned to insure me...but I got a suuuuuper shitty plan. $154/month, and I only get 2 doctor's visits a year. Oh well...better than nothing...I guess. Our system needs a MAJOR overhaul!!

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