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There is a beer, made in small quantities by Trappist monks in Belgium, called Westvleteren 12. Incredibly hard to get (you can't order it  - you need to put in a reservation and visit the monastery in Belgium on a specific  day of the week), but is sometimes called the "best" beer in the world (it certainly is one of the hardest beers to get your hands on). 

Recently I was lucky enough to be offered a sip from a co-worker, whose mother had brought it for him from Belgium. Not having tasted all of the world's beers, it's hard to say whether it was the best, but I can say that  it tasted amazing - the most perfect blend of complex flavors - malt and hops and molasses and deliciousness... it was heavenly (not to mention 10.2% alcohol). 

Excellent podcast and mini-story about this beer here.

Latin script on the back of the bottle reads:

Ad aedificandam abbatiam adiuvi.

Which Google Translate tells me roughly means "To help build the Abbey."




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