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I've always wanted to build a piece of furniture that was uniquely mine. Whether or not it looks good or stands the test of time.

 So anyway, my parents have a house with a basement that's about 5'8" tall. Therein resides a small bathroom. Adorable you say? Maybe if you're into taking care of your business in a cramped space inside of a cramped space, and certainly only before the custom fit door (circa 1960) began to rot away.

Insert idea.

Perhaps instead of a somewhat-gross, cramped bathroom in an abnormally short basement, there was instead a bookcase with a hidden treasure inside? The treasure? The bathroom. The same one from before... But wait! Now, instead of being depressed and modestly creeped-out, delight ensues at all the magic and mystery therein.

Behold! Secret-door bookcase. Furniture: built.

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