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Ok so it is not a massive shark or a dangerous one, but I think it still counts and the experience was still totally amazing!

Whilst in the Maldives lots of black tip reef sharks would swim along the beach but when you would try to get near them they would swim away.

However Alex and I got such a lucky break and seemed to find a curious shark as he kept coming back round and wasn’t afraid of us at all which gave me an opportunity to get some video footage as well as photos. Have to say this was the highlight of my holiday!

First video


Second video





Later on in the holiday we decided to go snorkelling a bit further out and a much bigger black tip shark went past. Funny thing was though that Alex was to busy taking a photo of a small fish not to notice this big shark was in touching distance of him and he didn’t even see it! Which was probably quite good because he would have freaked!

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