Climb to the top of the o2 arena

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This was my first suprise for our first wedding anniversary day out. Alex had booked us to walk over the O2 arena. I love this kind of thing so was very excited as I didn’t even know you could do this!

On the otherhand I was a little annoyed as when I asked Alex what I should wear for the day he had said anything I wanted to. So I chose a dress and small slip on shoes ... not ideal for climbing the O2. Luckily I was given a climbing suit and they had trainers for people who hadn’t bought them.

You walk on a special blue walkway suspended just above the roof of the O2 and it is made of similar material to give the impression of actually being on the roof. The start was pretty steep with a 25 degree angle upwards.

At the top there is a platform where you unhook yourself from the railings and can take photos and look at the view.

The last part of the walk on the way down suddenly drops to a 30 degree angle and you couldn’t actually see this as you approached it we were all joking that maybe we would have to parachute off.

It was a great, fun experience and I would definitely recommend it as something unique to do!

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