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 In 2011 I gained a lot of weight. I went from being 125 lbs to 170 in just a few months. That might not seem like a lot to some people,but I stand over barely 5ft tall. I am 5'2 on a good day. I stepped on the scale one day and I came to a realization that I was the point where I could either keep gaining weight or do something about it. Well I decided to do something about it! I completely changed my lifestyle. From the foods that I liked to eat to the activities I now enjoy.

What really made me realize though I was not happy with the weight gain was when I looked at photos we took at a Disneyland trip in October of 2011.I didn't't like the way I looked in them. After that I decided I was going to do something about it. During the winter months I looked up nature hikes/things to do in the area. I really hate gyms! During my entire weight loss I never once stepped foot in a gym. So I wanted to do things outdoors since that is where I prefer to be. I started hiking/walking exploring the beautiful outdoors. At the same time I changed my diet a lot. I cut out fast food and soda for the most part. I use to eat fast food several times a week a drink 2+ sodas a day. I started cooking all my own food and eating more fruits/veggies and fish. I bought the video game Just Dance and would dance for at least an hour everyday =p haha 

After a couple months I reached my goal weight of 110 pounds. I have been able to keep it off by hiking/exploring the outdoors. I will hike 10+ miles through the backwoods just to explore a new place in nature. As well as maintaining a somewhat decent diet. I do splurge on occasion and eat fast food/soda/horrible food but I don't let it be my main diet! It is the first time I feel 100% confident wearing a bikini! =)


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