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Kangoo Jumps is a rebounding sports brand. Applications

  • Running and jogging: Kangoo Jumps were originally developed to reduce the impact stress on joggers' joints. They are advertised as being suitable for the avid jogger, serious runner, or casual health-conscious exerciser.
  • Weight loss: The use of Kangoo Jumps is also advertised as a tool for weight loss exercise, offering a biomechanically efficient low-impact environment.
  • Rebound exercise: Rebound exercise is advertised as a means of reducing body fat, firming and strengthening muscles, increasing agility, and providing an aerobic workout for the heart. Kangoo Jumps are intended to provide an increased gravitational load on the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system and protecting the joints from the chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.


Kangoo Jumps are safe, low impact rebound sport shoes, providing many great health benefits, for everyone, any age.

They are so much fun you'll forget you're exercising to get into better shape.

All the amazing things you can do with Kangoo Jumps:

  • Jogging & Running
  • Home Fitness
  • Weight Loss: Trimming & Toning
  • Athletic Training - Strength & Conditioning
  • Medical Applications
  • Rehabilitation & Injury prevention
  • Junior’s Phys. Ed. & Games*
  • Games, Dance or just for Pure Fun!

ONE of the many healthy benefits:


Kangoo Jumps reduce the impact by up to 80%. They provide the very best protection to your ankles, knees, hips lower back & spine. Rebound Exercise is the Most Effective and Efficient Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man".* - NASA

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