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I overcame my greatest fear by taking a swimming class last fall. I learned the basic strokes enough to pass my final, which is 1 mile swim. We played our mini olympics consisting of lap swimming and other obstacle races. I tried it all but water polo, I kind of regret it. But at the same time, I'm thinking of safety cos I'm not that confident with threading the water yet. I'll take another class, hopefully I stay afloat enough to pass the ball. :D[email protected]/600227589/in/photolist-V3jKx-V4kjj-V546U-V685s-2b7Rue-2YK6Mv-4rq5pF-4VsBcR-4VwQ4L-4VwQmb-4VYtiA-5t5VEa-72MxXF-8jApd3-9HWhfi-9fZEQK-94ZGfU-94WDNa-94ZGhQ-94ZGiN-7UhJfa-9FtBUy-9FqEXg-cGi3YC-deeysV-cHSksE-dj9D4A-cQX1nE-dj9DVp-dNC7cf-dj9D8b-a1DUM2-cGCV7u-dj9Eov-d7UbKw-aByKQa-db9esH-95z2uD-dj9CYh-aoqK9P-cFaWzY-aqQxqS-aGxu6B-dWsvpA-aw1meB-aw42P9-bqBxz9-bqBz4G-bDwtne-bDwsyZ-bqBAr9 

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