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I never thought I'd be the one to have braces, my sister looked more likely like she'd need them, but apparently I did. I had to have retainers before having braces, and after.

I had to have one baby tooth removed in order to have braces, as you aren't allowed any milk teeth left. 

Throughout the year I had braces, I didn't like having to go out of school to have appointments with the orthodontist. The whole brace part itself wasn't too bad for me, I could cope with the pain after having them tightened and even the mannerisms of my orthodontist (who always seemed in a rush and so kind of hurt me!). But i didn't like missing school (it seems silly, I know!).

I got my braces taken off on 1st August 2011, after only having them about a year and now my teeth are straight and lovely! I hav to wear retainers for the next year and then can go to wearing them at night the year after then ever other night! It seems a long process, but it is definitely worth having them- especially when you're young enough to get them for free!

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