Perform 30 acts of kindness in 30 days

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  1. I let someone merge into my lane during rush hour.  I'm from NJ.  This is a big deal.
  2. Shared a company discount with a friend.
  3. Put together a bag of donations for Goodwill.
  4. Paid for an extra hour on someone's expired parking meter.
  5. Bought mom presents during our shopping spree and shared Tina's homemade soup with my landlord.
  6. Helped make a care package for someone who isn't feeling well.
  7. Volunteered for some crappy stuff at work that noone else wanted to do.
  8. Just got my newest foster dog today (Zoey)
  9. ​Gave Neil and Surya some questionable gluten-free coconut sugar (wtf?) macaroons.
  10. Volunteered at the Tuxedo Ridge Spartan Race today.
  11. Volunteered at the Tuxedo Ridge Spartan Race again this morning.
  12. Helped Nancy through the Spartan Race today!
  13. Helped organize our very first team soccer practice!
  14. Provided a little "puppy therapy" to someone who really needed it.
  15. Let the foster pup sleep on the leather couch she chewed apart the other day (if that's not love, I don't know what is)
  16. Finally took a step to do something big on my bucket list..
  17. Volunteered at Tuxedo Ridge for the Spartan Race.
  18. Drove someone to the bus stop.
  19. Carried a second sandbag for Jackie during the Tuxedo Spartan Sprint.
  20. Left a dog biscuit out for my little mouse friend (yes, he's a beast;  no I can't make him leave)
  21. Donated blood.
  22. Spent some time with someone who needed it.
  23. Shared my popcorn with the IT boys.
  24. Kept someone company during our one-mile "warm up."
  25. Bought our office security guy a cup of his favorite tea.
  26. Brought Ella along on our epic (and accidental) 4.2-mile trail jog/hike/escape from the woods.
  27. Attempted to help with prepping dinner (taco night!).
  28. Ran back to hold a closing door for someone at the office.
  29. Put in an extra hour of work to help with a co-worker's project.
  30. Gave Ella and Zoey their first Bark Box.


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