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Reasons for Loi Krathong     We can conclude the reasons for Loi Krathong in Thailand that:-0     1. To ask for forgiveness Pra Mae Khongkha because we use and drink water. Moreover, we often throw rubbishes and excrete wasted things in the water.     2. To worship the foot-print of the Buddha on Nammathanati River beach in India.     3. To fly away misfortune and bad things like floating sin- Bhrama ceremony.     4. To pay respect to Uppakhud whom mostly northern villagers show their gratitude for. According to legend, he was a monk who had supernatural to kill Mara.     Krathong could be made from anything else such as banana leaves, banana trunks, coconut barks, paper, and etc. Stuck with incense stick and candle to make a wish and float it in the river.    

Interesting stories about Loi KrathongThere are many legends of Loi Krathong:     1. Loi Krathong is to ask for forgiveness Pra Mae Khongkha.     2. According to Brahma belief, Loi Krathong is to worship God.     3. Loi Krathong is to welcome Buddha when he came back to the world- he had stayed in the Buddhist temple during the rainy season at the second heaven ruler to teach his mother.     4. Loi Krathong is to worship foot-print of Buddha on the Nammathanati River beach.     5. Loi Krathong is to worship Chulamanee in the heaven where the Buddhas hair is buried.     6. Loi Krathong is to worship Bhakabhrama in heaven.     7. Loi Krathong is to worship Uppakutta-dhera who observed religious precept at the middle portion of the sea.

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