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aerobatic flight is defined as “an intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in an aircraft’s attitude, an abnormal attitude, or abnormal acceleration, not necessary for normal flight.”

Experience as many aerobatic maneuvers as possible:

1) aileron roll, the airplane rotates 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis while the nose remains pointed at a specific reference straight ahead.

2) inside and outside loops

3) A barrel roll is a combination of a loop and a roll

4) cubin 8 (or 1/2 cubin 8 forward and reverse)

5) The hammerhead, essentially an aeronautical cartwheel

I'd like to experience as many different maneuvers as possible in stunt planes such as a Extra300L or Pitts Special



I had the priviledge of flying with Bruce Williams of  Beautiful sunny day Seattle, WA.  Every mountain in the Cascade Mountain range was visible. 

20 years after my first stunt plane ride in Pitts Special, it was nice to know my body could still take the Gs.  Had an amazing day and can't wait to do it again!

A memorable day and experience

(The first couple of minutes of the video is the flight to the air space where we did our manuevers)

Tips / Recommendations

Highly recommend

Bring sunglasses

Have someone go with you to take still pictures before/after your flight

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