Learn to Kiteboard in La Ventana, Mexico

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I know, there's tons of places to kite, but if you're looking to learn, few places compare to the beautiful, safe and windy beach at La Ventana.  On the Sea of Cortez side of Baja, this miles-long, crescent shaped beach, is an ideal spot for beginners.  In most kite beaches I've visited, the learning curve looks sharp (reefs? rocks?), dangerous (shore break? rip tide?) and expensive (offshore wind=need for boat assisted lessons, lest you drift away into the deep blue beyond!).  The key to easy learning at this beach lies in the combination of side-shore wind and the crescent shape of the beach.  My recipe for learning was to body drag out from the beach, flail around trying to figure out the kite and the board, and get dragged down wind to the point where the beach curls around, turning the side shore wind into an on shore wind that gently pushes you back to the safety of land.  Then, keeping your kite in the air and board in your free hand, you run back up the beach to where you started (also known as the walk of shame), and do it all over again! 

Tip:  Monitor your energy level through the day.  Once you start to fatigue, throw in the towel.  There's always tomorrow, but more importantly, you'll need some reserve energy for all that cheap beer that desperately needs to be drank on the beach as you feel the breeze ebb and watch the sun set... You are on vacation in Mexico after all!

Another bonus:  All the roads are dirt, there are no high rises, no peddlers of cheap wares... no tourists at all really, just a bunch of chilled out kiters and wind surfers, feeding on wind, waves and authentically awesome Mexican food.  In other words, a fantastic vibe. 

PS: If you can time it so you're there during the Burning Bush beach party, all the better! http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2012/01/la-ventana-2012-scenes-from-burning-bush/

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