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Fun time with my best friend, Sharon Reynolds.  At her breakfast room table.

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Blow up one or more balloons.  Cover with torn newspaper strips dipped in flour & water paste.  Scrape off excess before adding.  Keep adding strips until entire balloon is covered with several layers.  Set aside to dry overnight.  Cut strips from tissue paper, about 3 inces wide.  Fold a stack lengthwise and cut halfway into the folded edge about halfway through, creating loops.  When the newspaper strips dry, pop the balloon and remove it from the now hollow structure.  Separate the tissue strips (keep folded lengthwise) and glue the uncut edges, starting around the base and working up, overlapping, in a horizontal pattern, until the entire structure is covered.  Arms and legs can be added before the tissue layer, with toilet paper or paper towel tubes, using more paper mache strips, to attach and cover.  After you've covered your entire structure.  Cut features, like eyes & lashes, etc, from a contrasting color of tissue and glue on.  Use your imagination to add other features and to cover the area at the top where you've finished your tissue layers.

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