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This was a pretty interesting experience. I hate needles but it isn't like anything I thought it would be. First thing I have to mention is there weren't 100 needles in my back like I thought there would be; there were 12-16 depending on what ailments I had. The first time I went in I filled out an evaluation checklist of what problems I had that she uses to determine where and how many pins she'll use. When she began putting the needles in I couldn't even feel them. I didn't know she started until she was almost done because initially I thought she was prepping my skin. It is painless in most areas and where you do feel pain imagine the equivalent of someone pulling tape off your skin.

She only really spends 5 minutes in the room with you preparing the pins and after you are prepared on the table she leaves the room. You remain in the ambient room with the needles in your for 20-25 minutes. In my first session I fell asleep rather quickly and when I came out I felt extremely refreshed and serene. It reminded me of the first time I did Bikram Yoga; nothing could bother me. I had an argument earlier that day but I those harmful thoughts were erased from my mind. In the second session I tried to stay awake but I ultimately fell asleep after meditating. Finally in the third session I practiced mindfulness trying to focus on the needle points.

Point is it is extremely relaxing and refreshing.  I would say the feeling I walked out with was on par with walking out of a massage.​ As a pause in my day it was a reset that allows me to fully refocus which is as opportunity I don't get often. I don't know if I believe in all of the physiological claims acupuncture may say it helps with but there is a certain unparalleled feeling I get from it that I cannot put my finger on. As a skeptic I am unable to debunk its benefits. I am glad I tried it.

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