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I love to BBQ. I love the smell of searing meat, the acrid smoke in my eyes, the warm beer. Its the perfect compliment to many things I love - sunny days, the great outdoors, physical exertion, beer, friends and lots of fun. The best is finding awesome places to do it. Usually I get a craving to pull out the ol' flesh roaster in the spring after a cold winter full of camping stove meals in desolate ski cabins. Mmmmnnnnn... jerk pork tendies or maui ribs?


Hah. Well that didn't take long. Turns out the first weekend of mountain biking this year took us North to find the sun (yup, go figure). There is a little nook in the wet, sopping green countryside that is British Columbia Canada - and that is Lillooet BC. Dry and arid, it proved itself with 20 degree C temps in April when it was pissing rain in Vancouver. Perfect riding terrain, and man did I work up a thirst and hunger with all those dry DH descents down the Della trail. Just so happened that a Trader Joe's run the previous week netted us some amazing marinated short ribs that made their way onto the ol' Barbie. Turns out the wind was so ferocious there (probably why it was so sunny), that the only place to work was in the back of Ross's truck. Go 'yota. 

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