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What is a keg of beer, if not a 58L reservior of pure, uninhibited joy. Its the excuse to put your head through the drywall, duct tape your best friend to a telephone pole (he shouldn't have drunk so much of your keg that he passed out, jackass), or go offroading in your buddy's truck at 3am. Who am I to say, I've never such silly things. Shame.


Sometimes I have moments where I think even great minds like Einstein, Tesla, and Shakespere would be impressed with my insanely brilliant ideas. Well, at the very least I can pretty much guarentee they wouldn't pass up the opportunity to sit down and have a beer given this opportunity. After all some of histories most famous people have been known to say:


"Everybody has to believe in something.....I believe I'll have another drink."-W.C. Fields

"An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger, or a beer."-Confucius

"Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."-Winston Churchill

Tips / Recommendations
  • well, you'll need two kegs, a C02 tank, a cold plate in a cooler, a tap, and some pitchers...
  • mix in a beautiful Canadian river (yes, my dear friends, there are a few days a year where you can sit in one unhindered and happy)
  • add a scattering of lawn chairs¬†
  • top with your best mates (only those that put $$$ into the collection jar BEFORE they start drinking)

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