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We went up to Hervey Bay so we could go whale watching and went with Blue Dolphin Marine Tours run by Peter and Jodie who were lovely. We specifically went to Australia in Humpback Whale season but just like anything involving a wild animal we didn't get our hopes up just in case we didn't see any.... But boy did we see something!!! This has to be one of the most special and exciting moments in my life.

We didn't just see the humpback whales but two we were with for quite a while put on the most amazing show for us doing jumps, tail slaps and even laying on their backs and waving their pectoral fins at us. One even came right up to the boat to check us out!! As we all ran to one side of the boat to look at him he sneakily dove under and came back up on the diagonal opposite side of the boat. Really the most beautiful and intelligent creature I have ever had the privilege to see in the beauty of its own natural surroundings.

If the day couldn't have been any more perfect we also saw wild dolphins on the way out!!! PERFECT DAY!!

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