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Trying Japanese right now :)

I've wanted to learn Japanese ever since I can remember. I even bought a book and cassette when I was about 12 or so but gave that up quickly.

Alright, I started loosely studying in May 2013 but I didn't learn very much until I started really studying on August 1st 2014. 

I'm so thankful I found an e-book on nihongoshark.com. I highly recommend it if you want to learn Japanese. I can't take a class or hire a tutor because I live in a small isolated town far north and no one in town speaks Japanese so this book was a great find. Anyway, It's now Mid-November and I have finished learning the meaning of the 2200 joyo kanji and now I started "Phase 3" a couple days ago. I must admit it's getting very difficult to keep up with the study plan but I think it will be totally worth it after the one year plan the book explains.


Okay, it is now February and I'm a little more than half way through my study plan. It's tough but I'm keeping up okay and now that I am past the half way point I feel pretty good about my progress. I have less than 450 kanji to learn and I have over 1100 words in my vocab。 やった! 


And now it's mid-May. I've kept okay I think. I took a week off here and there for some big unexpected personal reasons and I'm getting very anxious >_< I want to know Japanese! I have made some good progress. My kanji count is up to 3041 and I'm all done with it! I just have to add any new kanji I may come in contact with but they're pretty few and far between. I have 2070 words in my vocab now but I'm finding it quite hard to keep up with 15 words a day. I'm thinking of cutting it down to 10 words a day but that is a lot of words I'll be missing. Anyway, only two and a half months to go with this plan! 頑張ってね 


Mid-August now. I'll call the first year a success. Though, I'm just shy of meeting my 3000 word target with 2910. Also I have only gotten to chapter 10 in the first Genki book where my goal was to complete the first two books! Ouch! But on the plus side I have soared past my audio lessons. I wanted to get 200 - 300 in and I've listened to 354 now. My kanji is now up to 3050 and I'm still happy with it. Now, my plan for the next few weeks is to catch up on grammar and get back to studying everything again (I was traveling on vacation for the last four weeks and didn't get much studying done). I think I'm going to cry when I can actually watch an anime or read a manga >.< 

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