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In Taiji Japan, dolphins are driven into shallow waters of what's infamously referred to as "the cove" by a Japanese fisherman's union.  Here, dolphins are separated from their family units, examined for their "attractive" features by trainers, and potentially sold into the captivity industry.  The animals that are not "pretty enough," are slaughtered by an inhuman method known as pithing.

The process is gruesome.  It is defended by Japan as "Japanese culture and tradition," however the majority of Japan does not support the dolphin killings/slave trade.  In fact, the majority of Jpan does not even know this exists.  Dolphin meat is in extremely low demand.  It's often mislabeled as whale meat, placed in dog food, or used as fertilizer.  The captive industry is what makes these drives possible.  Each live dolphin sells for at least $150k.  An adult dead dolphin sells for approximately $500 worth of meat.

The drives' annual season is from September 1st through the end of March/April each year, in which fisherman kill a number of species of dolphins and small whales based on quota.

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To help, please donate to my personal fundraiser (it's my goal to reach $1000!) that donates directly to Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project here:

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