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Bispham, J.C. (in preparation). The Human Faculty for Music: What's special about it?. To be submitted to Behaviouaral Brain Sciences (Cambridge University Press).

Bispham, J.C. (2020). Music, Evolution and the Experience of Time.  Book Chapter in Oxford Handbook of Time in Music (OUP).

Bispham, J.C. (2012). ‘How musical is Man – An evolutionary perspective’ for “Sound Musicianship: Understanding the Crafts of Music. - 1/7 Meaningful Music Making for Life”.Cambridge Scholars Publishing.Bispham,

J. C. (2010). Modelisation de la musique - motivation, pulsation et tonalites musicales. In 'Musique et Evolution' Eds. Deliege, I., Vitouch, O.

Bispham. J.C. (2009) – Music’s “design features”: Musical motivation, musical pulse, and musical pitch. Musicae Scientiae, special issue:  music and evolution.

Cross, I., Bispham, J., Himberg, T. &Swaine, J. (unpublished) – Evolution and Musical Rhythm.To be submitted to Evolutionary Anthropology.

Bispham, J.C. (2007) – Music as socio-affective confluential communication? Response to 'a commentary on Bispham’ (2006). Music Perception, 25;2

Bispham. J.C. (2006) - Rhythm in Music: What is it? Who has it? And Why? Journal of Music Perception, special issue on rhythm perception and performance, 24;2, 125-134.

Bispham, J.C. (2006) - Music means nothing if we don’t know what it means - lead review of ‘The Singing Neanderthals’ by S. Mithen. Journal of Human Evolution, 50, 587-593.

Bispham, J.C. (2004) – Bridging the Gaps – Music as a Biocultural Phenonmenon. Commentary on ‘In time with the music: The concept of entrainment and its significance for ethnomusicology’ by Clayton, M., Sager, R., & Will, U. ESEM Counterpoint 1.

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