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I love animals. But only giving a monthly donation isn't enough. Anyone can give money, but it's doesn't -directly- impact the animals.

 So, I want to volunteer at an animal shelter and make a tangible difference in the life of at least one animal!

I managed to accomplish this goal. I volunteer at the local shelter. And it's quite an experience! You meet different kinds of people, you get to give some love to these animals and make their day a bit brighter, help find a good home, and last time, I even had to help get a (big!) dog off the roof (don't even ask how he got up there!) whilst having a broken rib. I climbed on top of the roof, lifted the dog (ignore the pain in my rib), and hand him to someone standing on a ladder. When I got back on the ground, the dog was running around happily. What a wonderful feeling!

I also helped a local charity that seeks new homes for battery chickens. These chickens are born to lay eggs and suffer a great deal of stress, no love, and have never experienced sunlight or even the bare earth underneath their feet! At the young age of 18 months, they are less productive and get shipped off to be killed. I assisted this charity to help find owners for these chickens, to literally save their lives. We managed to rehome 4,000+ chickens! I personally found 150 chickens a home. And honestly, that was probably one of the most meaningful things I could ever have done!

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