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July 26, 2014 — Springfield, OH

I have actually started this journey already, but I feel it's too soon to mark this one as 'complete.' At this time, it's been about two weeks and things are looking great! Can't see why I'd ever use shampoo again, really.

09/12/2014 WOOO! So, I'm two months in to my poo-free experience and I am loving it. I feel better about myself because I know this has been a really healthy choice. I can't imagine going back to conventional hair products. I even made my own hairspray since I started this whole thing! Lately, it takes four to five days for my hair to get oily enough for me to have to wash it, which I think is pretty cool. I'm really happy with my hair so far. The only negative is that it doesn't seem to hold a wave quite as well, but perhaps this will change in time. 10/29/2014 My hair holds a wave just fine now!

06/24/2015 In February of this year, my hair seemed to be falling out at a faster rate than ever before, so I stopped using this method for cleaning my hair. I am back to traditional methods, but will switch to natural shampoos and conditioners when I can. It's a bummer.

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