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By now I've had 3 dreams where I became lucid albeit not for very long. 

Dream 1) I hit someone with a shovel because I knew it was a dream and I could get away with it. I took the most ridiculous 360 swing too because I knew there was no way I could miss.

Dream 2) I am supposed to help a war victim but I realize I'm dreaming so I grab the nurse and tell her that we're in a dream. She looks at me like I'm crazy and the dream fades.

Dream 3) I am in a house being invaded by a SWAT team. I dive out the window while battling a SWAT officer and stab him with a knife. As his limp body slides out the window the camera pans far away in slow motion and I see Russell Wilson jogging in the neighborhood oblivious of the grenades going off. I run outside with officers chasing close behind and I try to fly away similar to how Neo does.

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