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I have a few reasons why being a business owner is important to me.

  1. I get my desire for business & making money from my grandpa and he is passed away. I want to become a successful business owner in Horner of him.
  2. I have been made fun of from people all my life because I was diagnosed as being mildly mentally handicapped and have been told things such as "You will never have a normal life.", "You will never be able hold a normal job.", "You will never be able to have a normal relationship." etc. will I want to go above & beyond "normal" and have an extraordinary successful life so extraordinary that the people from my past see me, remember me & remember what they said to me. I just want to prove them wrong.
  3. I want to own the world's largest business, own the world's most valuable business, and own multinational corporations earning billions and maybe even trillions of dollars although I couldn't care less about being rich. I would use the money to open non-for-profit organizations to help others.


A few businesses that I am working on starting...

  1. Multi-natio​nal Sale​s Busi​ness
  2. Group Trip Orga​nizer
  3. Group Orga​nizer
  4. Indep​enden​t Free​lance Scri​pt Writ​er
  5. Ship​ping Brok​er
  6. Talent Brok​er
  7. Event Planner & Host
  8. Cloths Designer
  9. Network Website builder
  10. Internet Business Flipper
  11. Hom​e Base​d Trav​el Agen​cy
  12. Travel Writ​er and/or Videographer
  13. Content Management
  14. Free​lance Game Deve​loper
  15. Mobil​e App​. Deve​loper
  16. Barte​ring Professionally as a business
  17. Internet TV Stat​ion with 150+ chan​nels
  18. Internet Radi​o with 150+ stat​ions
  19. Onlin​e Webi​nars ​& Onli​ne Cour​ses
  20. Producers of documentaries
  21. Building woodworking crafts to sale (Hobby/side business)

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