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I visited Tenjin, China from 2011-04-03 to 2011-04-28. I will add the photos as soon as I find them. I when to China back in 2011 and believe it are not I spend $1,400 on the ticket and the rest of the trip was free. My friend in Tenjin in Binhai known how much I love China and all the traditional ways of China and being that her and her husband are traditional Chinese they invited me to come and stay with them.

To me that was the best part because as I like to say "when I travel I like to travel like a local". That is what I did. I stayed with them, eat with them, when to the store with them, I went to the fresh air market with them... I did not hit all the hottest tourist attractions I done everything they done in there daily life with them just as if I was a local there. To me that was what made the trip because I got to see China as they see it day after day. The food there was so good and so much better then the Americanized-Chinese food we get in America. It even inspired me to seek out true Chinese restaurants in America and some of the best are off Buford Highwat and I am learning to cook my own Chinese foods. If I ever become will off I desire to hire a professional Chinese cook to work for me cooking true Chinese food for me in my home.

Speaking of food. When I was in China I meet some local friends and they invited me to go eat with them. Will we went to a Karan BBQ restaurant and it was setup much like an Americanized-Chinese buffet restaurant. The main different is the food was all raw and you cooked it yourself at your table. The funny thing is that when I was there I was trying all the foods that I could try because I know I may not get to do this again. When at the Karan BBQ restaurant I was trying all the food then after getting back to America I though to myself "All the labels was in Chinese or Karan at that Karan BBQ restaurant and I speak basic Chinese and no Karan so I have no ideal what I eat there." and knowing the Chinese & Karan diverse customs in there food culture there is literally no telling what I eat that day. I have to go. I will add more and add photos soon.


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