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It's estimated that there's only around 800 mountain gorillas left in the wild! 

This species of gorilla live in the forests high in the mountains - elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet. But as humans have moved more and more into the gorillas’ territory, the gorillas have been pushed farther up into the mountains for longer periods, forcing them to endure dangerous and sometimes deadly conditions. 

Although the population of mountain gorillas is slowly growing, they are still threatened by war, loss of habitat, disease and even poaching. 

Eco-tourism to this area of Uganda helps to promote and protect these animals so they can thrive for years to come! 

"At a distance of about fifteen feet a mountain gorilla with her baby appears. She comes out of the bushes, looks at me and lies down. My presence does not seem to bother her. She just wants to rest, whether I am there or not. I can almost touch her. My heart dances with joy. I am in a good position to take pictures, so I let my camera do its work. It is the thrill of a lifetime. I cannot but agree with the American zoologist George Schaller, the first to study gorillas in the Virunga volcanoes, who once said: ‘No one who looks into the eyes of a gorilla, gentle and vulnerable, can remain unchanged."

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Drive to South West Uganda to the mountains to Nkuringo
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