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After numerous years of starting and stopping this plan, I finally completed it! I really do recommend this to anyone wanting to get a little fitter and build their stamina! I had a zero level of fitness when I started this plan. Even running for a couple of minutes left me way more breathless than it should. Now, I'm clocking at least 45 minutes of straight running ... don't get me wrong; I'm still tired, and still a little out of breath, but now my body is trained to fight through it and carry on ... and my calf muscles are unreal!

My advice to anyone who's planning to take on this challenge is to look after yourself while you do it; I had a couple of days where I didn't eat properly. My body wasn't fuelled and I really struggled with my workouts ... this lead to me feeling really disheartened. Eat right, get enough water and you'll find the energy to fight through any lethargy when you feel it.

Don't push yourself further than what the workout tells you; it's easy to get cocky and you think to yourself that you'll run a bit further than what the coach is telling you, or you'll run a bit faster than what you're comfortable with. Again, I did this, and made myself ill ... it made me dread going back to it! Stick with the plan ... it's there to build you up slowly but surely; be patient!

And finally, whack some music on ... some motivational music! When you're getting to your last few minutes, finding a track with the right beat can really help you on. It can be anything! Mine, admittedly, is 'Work' by Britney Spears ... when the sweat's pouring off my nose, my breath is shallow and my legs are ready to give up, Britney asking if I want a 'hot body' and telling me to 'work, bitch', pretty much gets me going every time!




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