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So on the 25th of March 2015, I went to sixth form as i normally would. My first three periods of the day were ICT with Mr Shafique. I would then have two hours free period. I knew that day was going to a little different however. There was scheduled to be a solar eclipse visible over the UK at around 9:30 am. Ovbiously it was the topic of convosation in class that morning. I was sat doing work (watching YouTube...) when Mr Shafique said, 'I can see the eclipse from my window' (he was at the opposite side of the room). Excited to see this rare phenomenon, we all got out of our seats and scurried to his window. It was barely visible A. covered by clouds and B. everyone crowded round this tiny window.

I then went back to our side of the classroom and looked out the window there which was bigger. When I looked out however, I saw more than just an eclipse. Everyone had come out of there lesson and was gathered in the front car park, outside the villa we were in. We then decided to go out. Now, normally a person wouldn't be able to look straight at an eclipse as it would blind them. However, because there was so much cloud cover, it allowed us to see the silhouette of the eclipse.

It was defiantly cool. Gathered with all my piers, watching the solar eclipse. Not your typical friday morning.


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