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Feeding a giraffe defiantly wasn’t one of the most memorable moments of all. While visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in 2013, there was a station where you could experience feeding giraffes and elephants. Weirdly enough, I got really excited about this. Being so close and actually feeding such a majestic and incredible animal such as a giraffe really got me. I had so many good photography plans for it. If I were actually able to get these photos, they would have been incredibly awesome but, obviously due to my luck, I didn’t get the chance. I will explain why.

So after paying the fee, I went over and got one of the biggest branches there was. I turned around to ensure the camera was ready to get these awesome photos I had in mind but as soon as I did, the massive creature came up behind me and just snatched the branched clean out of my hand. I didn’t see the giraffe until it was munching on the huge branch I had just paid for. Heck I didn’t even think I was stood close enough for it to even reach me. But, guess I was wrong as usual.

As soon as the keeper saw I had (in her mind) fed the animal, I was shooed off so the other people got their turn. From paying for the branch to being stood watching the massive animal munching away on my branch was literally about three seconds. I would’ve gone back and paid £1 for another branch but I was a very moody and stubborn teenager so I guess I can blame nobody but myself (and the giraffe). Maybe I should’ve fed the elephants instead.



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