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I heard it gives an alert type of drunkness. Seeing as how I don't drink alcohol anymore (and was never really able to) this an interesting experiment to try. 

I sometimes suffer from social anxiety (anxiety that is environmentally based in such a way that I worry about the judgement of others). There are claims that this alleviates anxiety and although I have made great strides in vanquishing my social anxiety it does still exist because I know I will never be completely free of insecurity no matter how perfect I mold my life. So medicinally this drink has potential benefits in regards to mental health. Right up my alley. 


I sat down at the bar with my friend Asher and had no idea what to order. The "bartender" Jason was helpful though. He was supposed to give us the whole spiel about kava but I had been researching it and watching YouTube videos already so I had a good idea of what I was getting into (Asher had no clue). I knew particularly that it had a notorious taste and that was the only thing Jason warned us about just like it was the only thing I warned Asher about. I thought it tasted better than alcohol easily. The only thing is there is sediment at the bottom of the coconut shell cup that will linger in your throat for about 7 minutes but it isn't bad. I can't drink TheraFlu but I can drink this if it gives you an idea.


As soon as the liquid touches my tongue I feel it go numb. I notice my vision getting more detailed and sharper kind of like acid vision. The next sensation I notice is my limbs start to feel tingly. I try to do the body scan technique I learned from meditation but there were some parts of my body that were numb enough so that I could not detect it. Needless to say I was very relaxed. In some ways it felt like I had just taken codeine without losing my mental faculties. I was alert and highly aware making it easy not just to listen to Asher but to each conversation in the room. That said I didn't necessarily feel anxious but I was a conscious of who was listening in on our conversation. Doesn't mean I cared if they did or not or if they were judging us but I was keenly aware they must have heard us the same was I was hearing their conversations. 


On that note kava hits everyone differently so they may not have had the audial sensitivity that I had and may not have heard our conversation at all. I had a steady come up while Asher was hit with a ton of bricks mid-sentence. I also felt the effects more quickly (during my 1st cup while Asher hit the wall halfway through the 3rd cup). The couple next to us described their experience as much more chill. They didn't quite look stoned or sedated but very relaxed like they just got out of an hour long massage (they were leaning on each other sitting back on their chairs with their eye lids slightly closed). On the other hand,Asher and I looked like we were wired (we were leaning on the counter talking about comics and Asher got more animated when he hit the wall). 

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