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(Ashton, Calum, Luke, Michael)

It was for their album signing in HMV Oxford Street.

They were adorable! Security said I could only get one thing signed and I was like NO! and I was like :'( I had the album, and a fanzine, so I decided to just get the album signed, so Ash just signed the Album and passed it on to Cal, so Cal signed it but then he saw the Fanzine and was like do you want me to sign that as well and I was oh yes please, if you wouldn't mind and he was like sure :D He then passed them onto Luke and Luke signed them both because he is bae. His brithday was pretty soon so I gave him a bithday card to and he was just like, what is that for, and then I got really flustered, thinking have I got his birthday wrong and I was thinking no surely, and I was like to him isnt it our birthday soon, and he was like oh yeah, in the sense that he had forgotten it was his birthday bc they were so busy, and I felt like I'd made a fool out of myself but YOU KNOW! :') The Michael signed the album and Fanzine, and he had hsi green hair and I gave him a bandana with his Daniels sewn on it, for Daniel and he was like OOHHH and he showed it to Ash and he was just so cute!!!


Hmmmm, again it must happen...


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