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I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and when I saw that he was here in Las Vegas for the weekend for #VegasUncorkd I had to try and meet him in person. I have not eaten by mouth since I was 10 months old and had to get a G-tube because my SMA had progressed to the point that I was too weak to swallow without choking. About 2 years ago I started watching Hotel Hell and just enjoying Gordon, his relaxed humor and stressed frustrations, next came Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and Masterchef, I really don't know how to explain it but I REALLY enjoy watching his shows and following him through social media. So, Friday me and all my friends from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram took to trying to reach Chef Ramsey so I could meet him, THANK YOU all for your help! We decide we were just going to crash the event at his restaurant at Caesars Palace and hope he would walk by or see me. When we got there the Manager Michelle was SO NICE and pulled a few strings but got word to Gordon that there was a boy in a wheelchair that really wanted to meet him, before I knew it he had dropped what he was doing and came over to meet me! Christina Wilson winner of Hells Kitchen Season 10 came up and said "The boss is on his way" and before I could say Hi to her there he was, he hopped over a chair and said "Hi Mate!" He talked right to me and I never felt like he was uncomfortable, he asked all about me, wanted my links to my social medias and said he couldn't wait to read my posts and blogs. We gave him one of my wristbands and he took off his watch, stuffed it in his pocket and put on my wristband saying in his AWESOME accent that it was going back to London with him! When we gave him a SMA IT FORWARD Hoodie he said "That's Brilliant!" He gave me one of his hats from the Pub & Grill and signed it "To my new best mate! Love Gordon" He told me I made his day coming all the way down there just to meet him! Gordon Ramsay is a REALLY GREAT GUY, I knew he was but he really went out of his way and stopped his schedule he was on just for me. I have to thank Caesar's Palace for being so accommodating to me, Tom in the VIP valet for giving us a place to park and unload and load me in my wheelchair that was a huge help! and to my mom, my dad and Matt for always being there to support and encourage me and doing everything they possibly can to show me that if you try you can achevie some incredible things that seemed out of you reach, they give me the strength and muscle to get out and follow my dreams.

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