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At SeaWorld....so cool! The stingrays were gliding around their pool and you were able to touch them gently. It was such a strange feeling. They have a mucous layer so they felt soft and smooth and sort of slimy, but not.

You could buy raw prawns/shrimp for $5 to feed them with. You had to lay your hand flat, palm up, with the prawn sticking up between your fingers. The stingray floated over your hand and the prawn was gone. I never felt it leave my hand.

Once a few of them realised you had the food, that was fun but a little bit of a nervous feeling because they all came at you. I guess it was the "sting" part in their name that made me unsure but i had nothing to worry about. I would put my hand in and the lucky one would get the prawn whilst the rest bumped into you and eachother in the rush. I loved it!


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