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As a burgeoning lover of musical theater at the young age of nine, seeing Wicked with my Girl Scout troop was unbelievably exciting. At the time, I felt incredibly priveleged to be seeing the hottest show on Broadway (in Chicago), and the show definitely lived up to my nine-year-old expectations. Nearly ten years later, do I remember much of the show? No. The songs, of course, have been permanently ingrained in my memory after years of hearing "For Good" at any graduation and "Popular" at any audition, but my recollection of the show as a whole has faded with time. I vividly remember one scene featuring the flying monkies, as well as the fact that my little sister slept through the majority of the second act. While a special experience as a little girl, Wicked has lost its charm in my book, and I cringe whenever somebody names it as their favorite show. I would love to go a whole year without hearing "For Good' again, but at its core, Wicked it a show that everybody should see once.

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