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 Short lived. I bought a red Honda CBR 600cc for $2.7k during my Junior year in college. I had been riding for a couple months before that. While we were in a parking lot, a friend's friend (Integ Bryan's cowoker Royceton) ended up sitting on the bike to see if he wanted one. He ended up putting the bike into 1st gear and shooting forward up a curb into the front window of a building (ironically it was an insurance company). My bike was totaled but worse yet Royceton was in serious condition. His head was gashed open and he was convulsing violently while Integ and I held him. We thought he was going to die. He survived and ended up getting about 20 stitches on his head. There's a scar there and hair doesn't grow back there but he was lucky he didn't suffer any long term damage. Integ and I went to go visit him at University of the Pacific after he recovered. I haven't seen him since 2006. 

It was fun riding with my friends and challenging myself to learn something new but some part of me knew I was being wreckless. I didn't care about my wellbeing and part of me realized although I didn't have the courage to kill myself because of my depression I would often put myself in dangerous situations hoping that life would do the dirty work for me. I didn't realize this until years later when I met my friend Joel and we shared experiences. He talked about sky diving and what it does for him. He said he would pack his own parachute and they would have to check it before he could jump out of the plane. One time he sloppily packed his parachute. The thought crossed his mind that his parachute might not deploy but he jumped anyway. This is one of the little freebies life gave me where I was stopped before I could do something truly stupid. That said I still would like to ride again some day but things would be different this time.

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