Zipline Through The Costa Rican Canopy

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The whole reason we went to Costa Rica - to zipline!

Our first day into the jungle and we had an incredible time.  The zipline was scary at first; those things are so HIGH and I don't trust equipment that much!

The scariest thing was not flying along the line through the tree-tops though; the scariest thing was voluntarily stepping off the platform rigged up in the canopy on a tree - knowing that the act of doing so was putting complete trust in the harness and my own ability to control the break and not slam headfirst into the next platform.

The trek up was hot and hard - little handmade steps on the forest floor climbing higher and higher in the jungle heat.  The monkeys watched us while munching on the mangoes that grew everywhere in Costa Rica.

Most ziplines have eleven platforms - this one did too.  We did the first couple just hanging on for dear life, but then we got more adventurous - hanging upside down from our feet with our hands and head brushing the leaves below, and then facefirst (Superman-Style) screaming the whole way and we rushed over open fields hundreds of feet below.

Afterwards we rode horses up to the top of a mountain, hiked to a waterfall (over a very ricketty scary suspension bridge), rode back down to some natural hot springs and mud baths (got covered in mud and washed off in naturaly springs), ate a cashew fruit right off a tree on the side of the road ...

I'd spend every cent I have travelling if I could .... here's Melanie upside-down:

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