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I had not considered this for my bucketlist, until my dietician recommended it to test my food sensitivities. It required six weeks without any red meat, shellfish, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, caffeine or alcohol. Naturally I asked, so what can I eat?! There were surprisingly many options left: most fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, rice and fish. Preferably organic. And supplements to assist with gut repair and detox. 

It was an incredibly challenging six weeks, because I realised that I generally could not depend on society to support my healthier choices. I also experienced withdrawal symptoms like irritability and fluctuating energy levels. I could not have done it without the supervision and support of my dietician. 

After six weeks, I reintroduced the food allergy suspects one-by-one. I knew I was highly sensitive to sugar, but I was amazed to experience my strong negative reaction to gluten and dairy. I now avoid these foods. 

This might sound strange, but I felt a sort of positive spiritual effect from eating plant-based whole foods. For just a few precious weeks, I experienced total nourishment, strength and balance. This has become an internal resource that I go back to as I need it. And of course it has changed my eating habits for good!

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