Drink the blood of a King Cobra

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Went to Vietnam for the first time after Halloween of 2010, on the second night I found myself people watching at a night market around Ben Thanh market, and so I posted on facebook on any suggestions to things to do while in Ho Chi Minh. One of my officemates commented, why not try drinking cobra's blood. I've always had this notion of back alley gangster cladded room with tanks of cobra waiting for their throats to be slice and and blood to be drain same as shown in the opening of "the beach", but nothing like that, the restaurant I went to was fairly decent, with waiters in their white longsleeves waiting for customers to be seated. I hesitated at first but then what the hell, lets get it over with and ordered cobra blood anyway. Out comes this man with a white screen bag, pulls out the snake, lay it to the floor with its agitated head ready to unleash its venomous bit. He then grabbed the head, cut the throat, dripped the blood, pulled out the heart and bile and placed it in a shot glass and mixed with brandy, there its all set. The cobras heart was literally palpitating in the glass as it awaits for me to devour it. Diseases from drinking the raw blood and organs never even came to mind, I just focused on summing all my courage to take the glass, not wasting time I took the glass poured it right through my throat, I could still feel the heart beating in my throat down my stomach. The alcohol from the brandy overpowered the stench of raw blood, and it was such a rush, I felt energized for some reason. And no, I didn't throw up. I ended up overprized, but hey, it makes for a great adventure story.

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