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Done, with Genevieve, Joyce, Janet, etc: It was a long, painful journey - both personally/emotionally and practically. I have sacrificed and tolerated a lot, even changing around my sabbatical plans. Now I can finally call myself a counsellor. I get to be there for others, while making long-term investments in my own emotional stability. 

WHY: This is actually about learning to listen with compassion. This is not easy, because it requires us to surrender our own paradigm to accept someone else's worldview. The few times I have managed to do something close to this, I felt like I was listening to the person's soul. It was hugely interesting and powerful for both of us. Becoming a laycounsellor will require me to learn this skill and use it to help people. 

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05 Feb 2017: Counsel real F2F client under supervision
12 Nov 2017: F2F prac exams with Isabella etc
06 Nov 2017: F2F mock with Jo Booysen
30 Jun 2017: Complete Lifeline telephone internship
9 Apr 2017: Complete Lifeline face-to-face counselling training
28 Sep 2016: Lifeline integration evening
22 Jun 2016: Complete Lifeline counselling course