Dive the Blue Holes, Bahamas

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As if you needed another reason to travel to the Bahamas…

While the Bahamas have always been a diving and snorkeling destination, the crown jewel of all underwater experiences on the islands are exploring the legendary Blue Holes. 

Appearing as large dark blue circles within the light blue water, the holes are a system of underwater caverns, caves, and labyrinths, simply called ‘blue holes’. 

Although the Bahamas aren’t the only place you can find blue holes, more are found there than anywhere else on earth, including the world’s deepest hole, at a depth of 663 feet, located on Long Island. 

Blue holes were created during the last ice age when sea levels were 400 feet lower. Centuries of rain water etched into the vast limestone island bank to create the circular depressions and geologic formations that exist today. These warm, salt water recesses range in width and depth and contain coral, angelfish, sharks, seahorses, rays, and more. 

Because of their complexity, many caverns have been unexplored, and new attempts to investigate deeper into the cave systems remains a dangerous feat. 

The Blue Holes range from small caves to mile-long caverns that are off-limits to amateurs. 

You don’t need to have to be an advanced diver to take a shallow dive into the holes and enjoy the undersea universe! 


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