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 Some friends and I decided to explore the abandoned Peter's Cartridge Company factory in Kings Mills. It is an ammunition factory dating back to the Civil War. Cops regularly stake it out looking for trespassers with the intent to keep them safe from the old, dangerous factory. Nevertheless, we snuck in after hiking through the woods in the back and climbing in a basement window. The air was toxic and we quickly started breathing through our shirts. There was moss growing on the floors and walls and the factory was littered with old trash and equipment. The walls are plastered with graffiti, it was quite creepy. We decided to climb the tower but had to get on the roof to get to the tower entrance. We found an old stairwell in one corner and it led to another floor which had an old, rusty ladder leading to the roof. The shaky ladder was held into the wall by one, rusty old bolt (the other had fallen off). Once on the roof we climbed in a shattered window in the tower and climbed story upon story of old rusty stairs until we finally made the final ascent on an even shakier ladder that went up two stories to the top of the tower. The top wasn't anything amazing in my opinion. There was bird crap everywhere and as we entered the top, an owl flew out one of the shattered windows scaring me half to death. I took some photos and quickly climbed down the ladder pretty scared for my safety (again, this is a factory dating back to the CIVIL WAR). All in all we got some cool photos and our throats hurt until the next day because of the toxic air.

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