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Since originally posting this, I started teaching a class in HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and then later took a job at a central campus department as a full-time front-end developer, using Javascript as my main language.

A goal like this is hard to quantify as "completed" because there is no set date on which you can say "It's done - I'm better." But I can say I'm a confident Javascript developer now, so checking this one off the list.

Original post:

With all the back-end web programming languages out there, JavaScript remains the lingua franca - the one thing almost all web sites share in common. Weirdly though, I've spent most of my career mired in back-end stuff, and haven't taken time out to master JavaScript. I can hack around in it, but don't feel like I have mastery. I want to change that. 

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