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In the summer of 2016, me and my dad spontaneously decided to take a trip out to visit family in Buffalo NY. This was the first time we'd been here as they used to live in California. I knew that Buffalo was no where near the sea, therefore, never imagined we would end up visiting a natural beach. On the plane there, Dad was telling me about these huge lakes that the U.S had, some of which were bigger than England. I couldn't believe it until we flew over one.

After being there for a week, my family who we had gone to visit finally had some time off work and they decided to take us out for New York's equivalent of fish and chips and then to the beach. After working in a Yorkshire chippy for a year, I knew these so called 'fish and chips' wouldn't even compare to back home. And damn, how right I was.

Anyway, we then set off to Bennett Beach situated on Lake Erie. My expectations weren't very high. I mean, how good can a lake beach be? Turns out, I was in for quite a shock. It was beautiful. Not only that, you honestly would not guess in a million years that it was not open water, but in fact, a lake. It was just as big as a normal beach. The sand was real. There were shells, stones, even seaweed! There were people out boating, kayaking, paddle boarding and even surfing.

The water was quite warm which I was half expecting considering it was 30 odd degrees and not open water. I was impressed. I would actually consider it near immaculate, if it weren't for all the dead fish that is. Oh well, nothings perfect, but this beach wasn't far off.



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