• Apr 7, 2021

    Chased Marlin but didnt hook up, caught snapper, jewfish and mackeral
  • Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
    Apr 7, 2021

    Great day out, dropping off the side of a cliff
  • Apr 7, 2021

    Lost my job due to covid, had some spare time so I shaved my head  
  • Apr 7, 2021

    Not really my thing, didnt enjoy the heights and my arms struggled.
  • Apr 7, 2021

    Cruised the East Coast of Australia, very rough seas, fun time. 
  • Cecil Park Clay Target Club, Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 27, 2017

    Great first time experience. Fun times with two mates and was given instructions by Olympic Gold Medalist Suzy Balogh. Thoroughly recommend you try this.  
  • Qudos Bank Arena, Edwin Flack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 21, 2017

    Everyone i have ever spoken to about Cirque De Soleil has said it is the best show they have ever seen....thats enough for me to want to go We saw Toruk (based on the Avatar movie. It was sensational. I suggest you see it for yourself. ...
  • Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 5, 2017

    Its a 4 day weekend where thousands of bogans camp up on the mountain, drink beer and watch motorsport....I would like to be one of those bogans I have ridden my pushbike around that circuit and up over that monster of a hill, now i'd l...
  • Sep 1, 2017

    The islands themselves are magical. The people are brilliant but the cost of accommodation and food is just so damn expensive. We had a great time snorkelling on the reef.
  • Apr 15, 2017

     May 2016 - Jamies' Trattoria- (Italian) Parramatta ​June 2016 - Hawa Middle East Charcoal BBQ ( Lebanese)- Granville July 2016 - Pho Phung - (Vietnamese) Cabramatta ​August 2016 - BurgerFuel (Burgers) Blacktown September 2016 = Thai...
  • Apr 15, 2017

    Week 1 = Try Zip Lining Week 2 = Draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge Week 3 = Indoor Rock Climbing Week 4 = Learn to Juggle Week 5 = Jump in a pool fully clothed Week 6 = Attend an AFL game in a corp box, Meet my childhood...
  • Bundanoon, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 25, 2017

     As much as I would like to attend the games in Scotland, that may have to wait, but I am definitely attending The Bundanoon Highland Gathering in 2017.  Had a great time watching the sporting events, eating haggis and listening to the ...
  • Archery Centre, Bennelong Pw, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Feb 26, 2017

    I was fortunate enough to try archery at Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre, the home of the 2000 Olympic games. It was a fantastic day out and a whole lot of fun. You can read more about it on my blog
  • Feb 18, 2017

    I am pretty happy that everything is now in place and This Life List is officially registered as a business in Australia. My blog will be a revenue stream to finance my pursuit of completing my Life List. Check it out at Read More
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Feb 7, 2017

    I just finished my first photography course and I learned a lot. I am pumped to be able to go out and take better photos as I am now armed with more information on techniques and processes. I have done a little research on photoshop and...
  • Feb 6, 2017

    I am happy and excited to announce I have launched my own blog. thislifelist.com Which chronicles my bucket list journey. It has been a hectic few months learning all there is about ...
  • Stockton Beach, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 27, 2017

     I tried sand boarding which turned out to be a lot of fun, although the climbing of the sand dunes is a real chore. I had the first ride sitting down and that seemed a little too easy, so I rode the rest of dunes standing up, which was...
  • Manly Beach, Manly, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 22, 2017

    I arrived at Manly Beach at 7am with apprehension as I haven't swam any sort of distance for over 5 years. The 1.4 km journey was a little daunting. The good part it's only 700m each way, so you get a little rest stop on the other side. ...
  • Manly Beach, North Steyne, Manly, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 17, 2017

    On a fantastically warm Tuesday evening I met a good friend who had invited me to join him and his team for a late afternoon paddle. I have never been in an outrigger canoe before, so didn't know what to expect.  The outrigger is a 6 ma...
  • Bowtell Swing Bridge, Coxs River Blue Mountains NSW
    Jan 8, 2017

    I found myself a suspension bridge, only issue is its a 7 km journey to get there and then an uphill 7 km journey back out of the valley. I organised a good friend of mine to accompany me on the hike. We set off with a pack stocked with...
  • Indian Head Campground, Blackbutt Road, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 1, 2017

    I stepped off the mountain this afternoon and soared with the birds. I must say it was a magical experience flying with High Adventure Paragliding. Its so peaceful as you bank and turn riding the breeze. This is another This Life List a...
  • Lighthouse Beach, Matthew Flinders Drive, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 27, 2016

    What a great experience. I really enjoyed the graceful stroll along the beach aboard this beautiful creature. My partner and our 5 year old had the camel train all to ourselves. We were lucky enough to get to hand feed the camels , I ev...
  • Skyline - Drive In Blacktown, Cricketers Arms Road, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 16, 2016

    I took my five year old to her first drive in movie. We saw the film "Sing" it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.  It was awesome to see Zoe's reactions to the experience. She had a blast as did I. There will be more nights like this in ...
  • David Grahams Golf Complex, Anna Bay, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 10, 2016

    Barry Bonds I am not!   I have never really played baseball as a sport although as a school sporting activity I have tossed a few pitches and knocked out a grounder or two. But I have always wanted to try hitting some home runs in a ba...
  • Stockton Beach, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 3, 2016

     I have organised a 4wd vehicle from a good friend and I am taking the family out in the sand dunes on Stockton Beach near Newcastle. This is my first time I have really tried 4wd. I did some tame driving on Fraser Island, but today we a...
  • Camden Haven River, Upper Lansdowne, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 27, 2016

    I wasn't sure what to expect, as it doesn't look all that exciting to me. I did two paddles and really must say its not my thing. I imagine it might be fantastic over a stunning reef and awesome coral, but I still don't think its the act...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 22, 2016

    Well I got a photo, cant say I am too excited about the end result. This is my first attempt so I am a little happy i actually got anything. I unfortunately didnt have my DSLR camera or my tripod, so this was hand held using an iphone. I...
  • Absinthe Salon, Albion Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 13, 2016

    A completely different experience to say the least. I had a wonderful time at the salon, which was run by a host of eclectic characters, but Absinthe is not my drink. It is an acquired taste, one which i do not possess.  I recommend you...
  • The Enigma Room, Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 5, 2016

    I gathered a group of 8 friends and none of us have ever attempted to exit an escape room. What a complete blast it turned out to be. We split into two teams of four and the race was on. Neither team had any idea what to do, the first 15...
  • Oct 31, 2016

    I have written the book,and had two sisters whom are art students help me with the illustrations. The book is brilliant. I am so happy with the result. Another goal checked off This Life List. The book is called Calvin the Clever Cook. ...
  • Callala Beach, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 22, 2016

    A bunch of good friends and I spent a weekend away at a friends beach shack. It was a good excuse to get away and drink more than we should, play poker and generally talk a whole load of rubbish about past glories. We decided to buy an ...
  • Pemulwuy, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 16, 2016

     I tried riding one when I was about 14, but I am keen to have another go at it Edit 10/10/2016 I bought a unicycle today for $20.  I have watched a bunch of "how to "videos, now I will go out and practice I picked up the bike and have...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 9, 2016

    My daughter and I wrote a message, placed it in a bottle and then sealed the lid with wax. We floated the bottle out to sea from Sydney. We left an email address on the message, so I hope someone somewhere finds the note and responds. W...
  • Glow Worm Tunnel, Newnes Plateau, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 1, 2016

    My Brother in law decided he wanted to take the kids to see the glow worms. I thought it would be fun, i didnt realise it was a 300km round trip journey. 60kms off road too! We hiked a further 2km into the tunnels. Fortunately we had go...
  • Coomera, Queensland, Australia
    Sep 21, 2016

    very excited to have purchased my first investment property. On the Gold Coast in Queensland. This is a house and land package with construction to begin in November  
  • Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Sukhumvit Road Bangkok Thailand
    Sep 10, 2016

    Its hard to describe the sensation of complete darkness. The evening started with a fantastic cocktail and before we were able to finish we were ushered into the room which was completely dark. PITCH BLACK. Our waiter Kik is blind so sh...
  • Hua Hin Beach Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand
    Sep 7, 2016

    The ride was OK, I had visions of riding along the beach and galloping through the water. The horse on the other hand decided we would plod along the shore line. I eventually got him into a canter and we went into the water up to his che...
  • Safari & Adventure Park Hua Hin Nong Kae Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand
    Sep 1, 2016

    We had a great time on the quad bikes (ATV). It all seemed a bit tame at first as we had to ride from the Safari Park to the bike playground, but once there we rode some tracks, did a few jumps and had the bikes sideways on most occasion...
  • iFLY Downunder, Mulgoa Road, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
    Aug 23, 2016

    Fun for the whole family I really did enjoy this. It was a bit unsteady but once relaxed i managed to spin around and move backwards and forwards. A whole heap of fun that my 4 year old daughter thought was the coolest thing she has eve...
  • Aug 13, 2016

    By winning the premiership and playing first division my team and I have now qualified to play in the State Champions of Champions knock out tournament. All the winning first division teams play of against each other from across the stat...
  • Aug 7, 2016

      To drink 150 different beers from around the world. i love beer, I brew it, I drink it and I have now challenged myself to taste more of it 1. Tooheys New  2. Tooheys Old  3. Pure Blonde 4. James Boaggs Premium 5. Crown Lager 6....
  • Wylde MTB Trail, Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Jul 31, 2016

      For all the bike riding i have done over the years, I have never officially down hill mountain biked. There is a great track only about 10 kms from my house, so I am going to hook myself up with a loaner mounter bike and hit the trail...
  • Jul 23, 2016

    Went out for a ride on the tandem bike which was a lot of fun. I got to experience both the front seat and the rear. I much prefer to be steering the bike. It was a fun day out and my 4 year old loved being on the back  
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Jul 17, 2016

     I have done this with beer trying to guess what style of beer I was tasting, but I would like to try tasting food to see what my palate is like. I did the test and it was a lot of fun and quite difficult to guess
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Jul 10, 2016

        I did an online test today, I am just waiting on the results. will post when they are returned    
  • Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
    Jul 1, 2016

    I had a weekend away with old friends some of whom i havent seen in 20 years. The weekend was a success. I had a fantastic time and yes we played Beer Pong. It was fun but got a bit tedious when our shooting skills deserted us and we st...
  • Circus Arts Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 26, 2016

     A high flying trapeze circus star for the day....sounds easy? Its not as easy as it looks. It requires a bit of core strength and co ordination. Something that deserted me today.  It was a lot of fun, but when your 4 year old does a b...
  • Sydney Ice Arena, Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 19, 2016

    This is a do again goal. I haven't skated for over 30 years and feel the need to try again. Plus it will be great to teach my 4 year old, Well i got out there today, and it wasnt great. its really has been a long time, by the end of the...
  • Spotless Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 12, 2016

     I have wanted to have an all out experience where I am waited on and supplied with food and beverage whilst viewing a professional game from the comforts of a corporate box Goal completed and I had a great time, although the team I sup...
  • Sydney Football Stadium, Driver Avenue, Moore Park, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 11, 2016

     A massive night for me, i got to meet and talk to  a rugby league legend. Kevin Hastings was the reason why i choose to follow the Roosters. It was  amazing to spend the evening taking to him about the game and life in general. How many...
  • Normanhurst, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 5, 2016

    OK so this is now ticked off, probably not my favourite experience as it is winter in Sydney and the water temp was too cold, but I jumped in the pool in a suit.  I was at a dinner party with 15 of my friends who thought i was nuts, but...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    May 29, 2016

     Ive wanted to be able to juggle. So I downloaded some how to videos and now its all about practicing.  I can now keep 3 balls in the air for a decent amount of time. So i feel it is goal completed. I can juggle a soccer ball with my f...
  • Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym Villawood, Woodville Road, Villawood, New South Wales, Australia
    May 22, 2016

       My 4 year old has been twice and both times I have balayed for her. But next time I am going to climb Ok so this is now ticked off. Can't say I loved it, I am not great with heights even though I keep trying to beat the fear. I rea...
  • Doonside, New South Wales, Australia
    May 20, 2016

     Big Poppas Burgers The burgers were pretty good, but the peanut butter chocolate milkshake was killer
  • May 13, 2016

    Just because my 4 year old will love it  My daughter thought it was hilarious. Mother asked what kind of chickens lay eggs like that?
  • Tree Top Adventure Park Abbotsbury Nsw Australia
    May 8, 2016

    I have wanted to try zip lining, as it looks like a load of fun. I went out and did it. This is the first bucket list item I have actually ticked off since I started this list. I had a great time. Its far more physical than I was expect...
  • Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Apr 30, 2016

     A fabulous Sydney Icon. The first photo is from the harbour, the second is from a helicopter flight i took over Sydney and the other four are from the Vivid festival where they use a projector and cast lights over the surface of the Ope...
  • Bunnamagoo Wines, Henry Lawson Drive, Eurunderee, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 19, 2016

    I attended Mudfest this year in Mudgee. The setting is the Bunnamagoo winery outside of Mudgee. With a huge screen set up outside and plenty of wine and beer available. We ate pizza and watched some pretty amazing films from across the w...
  • Sea World, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Queensland, Australia
    Mar 7, 2016

    I took my 4 year old daughter to Sea World, we ate fish and chips and then decided to feed the stingrays. I didnt know what to expect at first but it turned out to be really cool.The Sting Rays are super smooth to touch and they climb ri...
  • Newport, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 4, 2016

    The photo is of Michael Slater presenting me with a trophy. Michael is a world famous Australian cricketer and a great bloke. Michael is also a TV presenter and host, as well as being the ambassador of the company I work for.  
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Sep 12, 2015

    A very disappointing experience as i spent 4 hours out at sea without any activity, upon returning to port we saw a glimpse of a whale tail.   It pales in comparison to my very fortunate experience on Long Island jetty in 2005 when a mo...
  • Turon Gates, Turon Gates Road, Capertee, New South Wales, Australia
    Jul 17, 2015

    I love camping, I just dont do enough of it. These are photos from the last time we went out bush. Only problem was it was terribly cold. We camped in the Great Dividing Range in NSW and it was  minus 6 deg C over night, too bloody cold ...
  • Calmsley Hill City Farm, Darling Street, Abbotsbury, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 14, 2015

    This was strangely fascinating watching the snake unhinge its jaws to swallow the chick. Kind of revolting but i couldn't look away  
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Feb 8, 2015

    I was in training for a charity bike ride I do annually. I raise money for critically injured children.  The toughest day on the tour was going to be a 2oo km ride and i had never been over 160kms, so i peddled out very early and attack...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 26, 2014

    I own all the books, I love the novels and smashed each of them in only a few days, i could not stop reading  
  • Crescent Head, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 24, 2014

     Every year on Christmas Eve  hundreds of people gather dressed as Santa to have a surf, there are bands playing and beers are flowing The facebook page for the event is https://www.facebook.com/TheCrescentHeadSantaSurf/ I made a video...
  • Carsons Lookout, Thunderbolts Highway NSW Australia
    Mar 28, 2014

    I actually rode up this mountain. 12kms of sheer pain. Mount Newendoc rises over 800 metres in 12 kms, so its a bloody hard slog to the top. When I reached the top we were above the clouds looking down into the valley. Ill give this a 1 ...
  • Bimbadgen Estate, McDonalds Road, Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 22, 2014

     This is me pictured with Dave Gleeson of the Sceaming Jets at a music festival called Day on the Green. Its a great day out at a winery in NSW Hunter Valley. They have all sorts of cool bands play. Ive seen INXS, Train, Hoodoo Gurus, Vi...
  • Jan 4, 2014

    Day 3 of the Sydney Test match at the SCG, This photo was from the morning session , as i proceeded to have a few too many beers in the afternoon and forgot to take any photos  
  • Wet'n'Wild Sydney, Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 12, 2013

     This water park opened two years ago and its only 2km from my house so we have season passes. My 4 year old loves it.
  • The Australian Golf Club, Bannerman Crescent, Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 27, 2013

    I won a prize to caddy for Peter Lonard  in a pro-am event just before the Australian Open in 2013.  
  • Patara Elephant Farm Chiang Mai Outer Ring Road Nong Kwai Chiang Mai Thailand
    Oct 26, 2013

    This was truly a once in a lifetime experience as we got to feed, clean, ride and swim with the elephants. Such an amazing adventure. You dont just hop on and ride the Elephants, this is all about learning the elephants, understanding w...
  • Oct 25, 2013

    I have been fortunate enough to eat at some of Australias best restaurants over the years and some of them have been rated in the top 50 restaurants in the world. On my last vistit to Bangkok i was extremely lucky to eat at Gaggan which ...
  • Vertigo & Moon Bar Sathon Bangkok Thailand
    Oct 24, 2013

     High above Bangkok for Cocktails, sounds perfect, and it is. The view is amazing and the drinks were good too. Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice. I am back in Bangkok in September 2016 so i will be heading up there for anot...
  • Oct 22, 2013

    I have friends that live in Myanmar and we decided to visit them. Having not been to Myanmar or Thailand I decided to experience a little of both. It was a great adventure to take in a few days in Chang Mai and see the Elephants. I also ...
  • Wat Traimit Mittaphap Thai-China Road Bangkok Thailand
    Oct 22, 2013

     We visited what seemed like a thousand different temples in both Myanmar and Thailand, but the Golden Buddha Temple really stood out and I loved the line of beautiful statues in the photo
  • Bagan, Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)
    Oct 14, 2013

    I felt like Indiana Jones on my own adventure. Myanmar is like a emerging flower, and the country is so fresh, it hasnt been overly exposed to tourism so you get the opportunity to really explore. Bagan was amazing. If you get the opport...
  • Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)
    Oct 13, 2013

    Its a truly spectacular monument. I spent hours wandering around with my partner and our friends who live in Yangon. It was so interesting to discuss thoughts and beliefs and get a full understanding of what the Pagoda means to the local...
  • Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
    Jul 21, 2013

    One of the best Zoo's I have visited. The location is amazing, the animals are so well cared for and there is some awesome interaction between the visitors and the animals. The way the Zoo is set up you have the opportunity to get up clo...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Apr 21, 2013

    I have managed to get into the  front of the mosh pit at Metallica, and had a pretty good spot at a U2 concert but for actual front row this Billy Joel concert is the winner. A shame the photos are not so good, but he was great. Only tim...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 26, 2013

    The events was a coporate  teams short course Triathlon and was happy to completed the course. It consisted of a 500m swim, 10km bike ride and a 4 km run.
  • New South Wales, Australia
    Mar 21, 2013

    For the last four years I have ridden on the "Distance for a Difference Tour". This is to raise money for the Day of Difference Foundation. A charity set up to assist families who have been affected when their children  have been critica...
  • May 17, 2012

     The goal is to actively participate in 30 competitive sports. All of these sports involved me attempting to win something and competing against others trying to do the same. The sports are as follows  1. Basketball (interschool) 2. Ba...
  • Wakefield Motorsport Park, Goulburn NSW Australia
    Mar 23, 2012

    Sensational day track side driving V8 supercars. So much power. Im not very much of a car man, but the power and sheer violent force that these cars generate is something i wasnt expecting  
  • Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
    Feb 18, 2012

     Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It has no roads so everything is accessed by water and the only way to get around on the island is to walk or 4WD. The island is home to wild Dingos. There are awesome beaches, lake...
  • Tattoo Nation, Great Western Highway, South Wentworthville, New South Wales, Australia
    Dec 9, 2011

     I had this tattoo inked on me in December 2011. Its a keepsake for me of my daughter Zoe and it has her birthdate. I will probably need that in the future so I dont forget. We were pretty excited to see Zoe as she was a little IVF miracle
  • Oct 22, 2011

    I was at a friends BBQ and we were having a few drinks when the idea to draw a smiley face on my partners belly came up, so we did that, then we got a little more carried away and felt we all needed to get in the pictures.   
  • Brookvale Hotel, Pittwater Road, Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 15, 2011

     I attended my 25 year high school reunion. It was great to catch up with all my old friends, many who i no longer get to see, but it just reminded me of how old i am getting. Will there be a 30th year reunion this year?
  • Coramba, New South Wales, Australia
    Feb 13, 2011

    What looks like fun sometimes isnt such a good idea. Here is a tip DO NOT do this when you have drunk way too much alcohol. I managed to perforate an ear drum!  
  • Quay Restaurant, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 16, 2010

    I had the pleasure to eat at Quay in 2010 for my Birthday. My partner Julie and I enjoyed the degustation menu and the fantastic surrounds of Quay. It was at the time rated as the best restaurant in Australia.  The snow egg dessert was ...
  • Bantayan Island, Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines
    Aug 14, 2010

    My friend got married on Bantayan Island in the Philippines and as part of the ceremony all the guests were asked to release a lantern. There was at least 100 of them in total, it was beautiful to watch  
  • Aug 10, 2010

    I attended a friends wedding on the Island of Bantayan. We hired bikes and rode all over the island, it was so much fun. I spent some time in Manila, and Cebu. We also chartered a boat and went to Malapascua to go diving (probably some ...
  • Bantayan Island, Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines
    Aug 10, 2010

    It was delicious.  Its pig what do you expect, of course it was delicious  
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    May 1, 2010

     I love a good dress up party, doesnt matter what the theme i love it, Be a rockstar, 80's , 50's , brightest colours, fave movie
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 23, 2010

     Enjoyed the Big Day Out 2010 festival, some of the bands were Muse, Powderfinger, Rise Against, Grinspoon. I also attended 2011 and saw Tool, Rammstein, Iggy and the stooges. I have enjoyed Day on the Green a few times and even hung ou...
  • Valentine Sports Park, Meurants Lane, Glenwood, New South Wales, Australia
    Oct 18, 2009

    I competed in the over 35 division for football and our team won the silver medal. We lost in the final in a penalty shootout. It was an amazing tournament and i look forward to competing again some day soon
  • Hook Island, Queensland, Australia
    Feb 23, 2009

    Nice way to wake up....or to watch the sunset  
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Jan 11, 2009

    I like beer.....I drink lots of it......why not make it? I have managed to brew a very tasty beer that is easy to make and cost effective. I may have created a monster as I have over 25 cartons of beer stored in the garage  
  • Sydney City, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Nov 15, 2008

    The attached photos show a cake i made for my daughters 1st birthday and the wedding cake i made for my cousin. A long time ago i baked cakes with my Grandma, its the  Lamingtons I remember the most. Would love to be able to do that with...
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Jun 17, 2008

    Technically I financed the building of the house, but i was responsible for the construction of the decking and all the landscaping. It was a great project and I am really happy with the house we built.